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5 Things We Love for Summer

Ring Holders

I have to admit that this is a new love for me, but now I’m obsessed! We have so many cute ones – including ones you can create yourself with toppers and tiny plates. But I can’t decide if the birdie or the flower ring holder is my favorite. Maybe I need both?


I can do a lot of things, but keeping plants alive? Uhhhhh. Not so much. But now I don’t have to hide my black thumb in shame! I love this sweet succulent in a pot, all ready for me to paint however I want!

Wave mug

Have I mentioned how much I love coffee? Because I love coffee. And this mug makes me think of sitting on a dock watching the waves lap gently, while I drink a perfect cup of happiness.

Faceted unicorn and llama

Every time I pass by the shelf with the faceted figures, I see these and smile. How can you not?
Centerpiece bowl

I’m friends with studio owners around the country, and one told me this is a “must have” and she is so correct! I love the size and shape and I especially love our sample with splatter and bubble. It may need to go live at my house soon.