About Us

Paint your own pottery and more in Birmingham, AL.

Learn, Explore, Create

We’ve been creative in Homewood for 20 years now! Julia opened her store in 1999 with an idea (it was all about painting wine glasses – she’ll tell the story some time), and with her fun and amazing team, the shop has evolved to the fun place where people come to make memories!

It’s not just kids, either! We love families, and we love kids, but this is a place for everyone – friends, girls’ night out, grandparents, dad and moms with kids – everyone can have FUN at Do It Yourself Crafts. In fact, we are now having second generation customers – “I painted here when I was a kid, and now I’m bringing my baby!” We love that more than you can imagine!

And what can you make here? Ultimately, we are about making MEMORIES! But you can create so many different things. From the kilns, you’ll find painted pottery, clay impressions and glass fusing. We also offer board art, canvas painting and wine glass painting. You can walk in any time, or come to a class, story time pottery, or have a party. And at parties, you can also do slime or tie dye.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of this – no need! We will guide you through every stop. Our samples are plentiful, and also ones that you can do! We’re not showing off, we’re showing you how! And if you are REALLY overwhelmed, we offer custom finishing. We can take a handprint and turn it into a treasured keepsake.

We’re a place for holidays and celebrations, or just because you want to have some fun with friends where you can visit with each other. Learn something new, try a new technique, and discover the next thing you want to do!

You can even take a tour of the kiln room – Julia is happy to show kids the “behind the scenes” action (and moms and dads, too!) so they can find out what happens next…

Open 7 Days a Week - Call us at 205-868-4346!