Christmas Pottery at Preschools

Did you know that your child’s school could have me come to visit? And that I can help with fundraising when I do?

Every year starting in September, I travel to preschools and daycares in Birmingham to start the Christmas pottery. It’s a tradition we’ve been doing for years, and we’d love to add your child’s school to our list.

The way it works is we pick a day for me to come to the school. Before hand, we send an order form home to each parent, so they can order exactly what they want to have. This can be the best kind of fund-raiser your school can offer – there is no selling, just getting exactly what your family wants for Christmas.

Even better, you are giving them the gift of time. They can get hand painted and personalized Christmas pottery with their child’s handprints on it, but they don’t have to spend hours getting it done.

Once all of the school’s pottery is ready, we bag each order separately and deliver it to the school, usually before Thanksgiving.

We offer plates, mugs, and two styles of ornaments. If you are interested in learning more, please call us at 205-868-4346 or message us through the website. We’d love to add your students to our program!