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Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!

This is the time of year that I think is, somehow, on a slide. Everything goes sooooo fast once spring break and Easter is over. It also makes a difference when it goes from winter to… well, not quite summer, but boy did it get warm quickly. But here we are and it’s time to talk about deadlines so everyone is ready!

If you are painting for Mother’s Day, the deadline will be Monday 3 and the items will be ready on Saturday May 8. If you are having us do any of the custom painting, you will need to come in by Wednesday April 28 for our custom artist to have time to finish your project.

As always, “first in, first out” so if you need your projects earlier, you need to come in earlier. I realize that this is a holiday that Moms aren’t necessarily in charge of (but I certainly don’t want to disparage anyone who is trying really hard to get a project for mom!) but almost all pottery will need to be in the kiln for 27 hours before it is ready, and some things take even longer.

Clay deadlines, including the Clay Handprint Bowls and Clay Plaques will be April 25, 2021, and this is for delivery the weekend of Mother’s Day. If you need these items earlier, Your deadline is April 19.

If you are thinking to the end of the school year, please remember we need a week to get items ready, and add a few days to that if you want custom painting added to any projects (including names written on items).