With all the changes this year has brought, we want to be able to keep creating with you and your family. That means we have changed how we make the shop available to you! One of the things we often hear from our customers is that you guys LOVE painting, but that life can get in the way and it can be hard to find time to make it into the studio. 

Do It Yourself Crafts is excited to launch a monthly creativity subscription! Say hello to the DIY Crafters Box. Creativity is about more than just painting. When you get crafty, you also relax, unwind, connect with others, and make happy new memories. In short – there’s never been a better time to ramp up the amount of creativity in your life! 

With this program, you’ll receive a monthly box of goodies to help make your creativity a priority.  Projects will be fun, trendy, seasonal and – best of all – ready for you to create when and where you can!

We have multiple options for all age groups and levels. Fun Night Out, Keep My Kids Creating, and Get My Craft On. With each of these, you can pick either a three-month or six-month subscription. 

Shop for them here!

Fun Night Out: Missing your time with friends? Looking to replicate the feeling of painting in the studio at home? Fun Night Out projects are just like they sound – projects designed to be completed in 1-1.5 hours. You can get together with friends (check out the group option to save a bit each month with a group of friends!) or pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy a couple of hours of uninterrupted “me time.” Either way – these projects are designed to give you that quick dose of crafty magic. 

Keep My Kids Creating: Kiddos need built in time to foster their creative sides, too! We have four age groups (Littles, Middles, Bigs, and Teens / Tweens) designed to meet each kid at their specific skill level. Each kit comes fully ready to go with instructions, step by step pictures, and everything you need to let their imagination soar.  We will have a curriculum guide included with these, so if you want to use them as part of your school program you can, but if you don’t want to tell them that they are learning something, we promise we won’t spoil the secret. 

Get My Craft On Box: This is the big one. Perfect for our craft queens and kings looking for an exciting creative project each month. You’ll receive a large statement piece (think platters, pitchers and more!) that will teach you a neat new technique. Some will have silkscreen designs to follow along with, others will be new techniques, but all will have step-by-step instructions included along with an email document with more detail. 


It might be something you want to keep for yourself, or they’ll make great gifts. Either way, you’re going to love having the chance to create each month. Once you have finished your project, return it to us to be glazed and fired. It will be ready in a week, or you can opt to have it ready with your next month’s box. 


Payment Schedule: You will get an email on the first of each month with the opportunity to make additional purchases – maybe this month you like it so much you want to make two, or maybe you have a friend that wants to join in. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose from other packages, if you’d like to add one of those to your monthly box. Order by the 3rd, and those extra items will be ready for you to pick up with the rest of your items. 

You will be charged for your first month when you sign up, and pick your items up starting on the 5th of the following month (check with us if you want the current month!). Each month you’ll be charged on the same date, and we’ll always let you know when your box is ready. 

Return your box when you have finished the projects – they will be ready a week later, or we can hold your finished items for you to pick up with your next month’s box. 

Subscription Options: Pick from 3-month or 6-month subscriptions. Everyone who signs up for 6 months will receive a complimentary set of brushes and sponges. These will be available for purchase with a 3-month subscription for $5.99 for the brushes, $3 for the sponges, or you can use your own. All paints and other supplies needed will be supplied with each box. 

Designs: Designs will be new and updated every month – and each subscription box will have designs and projects tailored to their subscription level. The boxes will have a primary project, plus a fun add-on that goes with it. Many will be seasonally appropriate. For instance, in September we will have a Halloween inspired project, October will be Thanksgiving, November will be Christmas, etc.  

DIYClub members will get an additional $5 off their monthly subscription.