Featured Technique: Bubble Painting

Featured Technique of the Month – BUBBLE PAINTING
Did you ever blow bubbles in your milk?
If you didn’t, because you were a well behaved human being with impeccable manners who would never do something so juvenile… maybe your little brother did. Of the kid who sat across from you in the lunch room. Anyway, bubble painting. It’s as simple as blowing bubbles in your milk, but less gross and way more fun.
It’s also our featured technique for the month, and we are having way too much fun with it.
It’s pretty easy to do – mix equal parts water and paint and a drop of dish soap, grab a straw (a new one, just for you!) and blow bubbles. Let the bubbles mound up and spill over the cup, falling onto your project. When they pop, you’ll have a cool scene ready to go.
It’s easy, but there are a few things we’ve learned – you have to keep the straw at the BOTTOM of the cup of liquid. If you blow bubbles at the top of the mix, it doesn’t make big bubbles, but instead makes foam. This isn’t a latte, so bubbles are the goal! You also need to think about what colors work well. Too light, and you can’t see them, too dark and they don’t look bubbly. As Goldilocks would say – somewhere in the middle is juuuuuust right. You also don’t want to tip the cup and spill it all over your project. It’s easy to do, so you have to think about it! But hold the cup upright and let the bubbles spill right over.
Now, WHERE do you bubble? Lots of places! It’s the perfect way to give an under-the-sea look to your project. And we looooove how our cauldron turned out. Bubble, bubble toil and trouble, indeed!
This is also an option for birthday parties – on our ice cream bowls, you can “splatter and bubble” paint. The kids will splatter paint the inside of the bowl, and bubble paint the outside. They have a blast and the final project is awesome.