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Five Favorites for Spring

Make something sweet for the sweet lover in your life! There are so many great gift giving occasions are happening this spring. The great thing about our pottery is you can customize your gift for the person you are giving it too.

Teacher? Mom or dad? Graduates? We can help you make a masterpiece for anyone.

Having trouble finding a gift for the creative in your life? Show them how they inspire you by making them something that will help them create even more! Our paintbrush caddies make fantastic gifts and can be used for so many kinds of tools.

We know it’s been unusually cold this year, but spring is still in the air! Gardens everywhere will be bursting soon and gardeners you love will need beautiful vases to place their posies in. Make them one that will make them think of you every time they fill it.

Photos, postcards, business cards, or recipes. What could you use this handy little display cube for? Better yet, who could you create one for this spring?

This container allows for endless possibilities when it comes to making a gift for your loved one this spring. Stop by today and let us show you how you can do it yourself!