Fundraising and Auction Projects

There are so many ways we have helped schools and nonprofit organizations raise money over the years! While we are no longer able to make donations to everyone who asks, we do offer discounts for any item done for a silent auction. 

If your school, group or organization is interested in working with us to do a fundraiser, we would love to chat with you. The best way to start the conversation is with an email to

What can we do? Lots of things! Items created by the people benefiting from your silent auction always do well. We discount your piece, and can send pottery and paint to your location to get the work done. We can also help you with the project – from start to finish. 

Would your school like to do a handprint fundraiser? We create the order form for parents, come to the school to get the handprints, and do the finish work. We then deliver the pieces back to you. This is great for Christmas and Mother’s Day! We’ve helped schools raise over $50,000 with these fundraisers! This is perfect for preschools and CDCs. 

If your school has more older kids, a pottery night at the school may be ideal. We will bring pottery, paint and all the supplies to your location, and families can enjoy a night of painting. This can work for school or churches, and is perfect for Christmas. 
There are so many great ideas for fundraising, but we know that our pottery always is a hit. Let us know how we can help your group raise money!