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Getting Ready for “Maycember”


Several years ago, I started referring to May as “Maycember”. For Moms, there might not be a busier month than May. It is relentless and I think it is ironic that Mother’s Day is in the middle of that. (I’ve long said that Mother’s Day ends when breakfast does, because that’s about when I had to take back over.) We have a whirl of activity AND (unlike December) all of the sports coming to a close as well. There is no greater joy on a child’s face than when they are picked for All-Stars…and then you see Mommas doing the mental rearranging of all the schedules to make it work. Whew. May.

We know.

We love May but we feel you.

Mother’s Day is early this year, and Easter was late, so it feels like Mother’s Day has snuck up on us. We will still be able to get items painted by May 2nd ready for Mother’s Day on May 8.

With the way the calendar falls, We Love Homewood Day is the day before Mother’s Day. That’s one busy weekend for the Homewood crowd. We are working on some special awards for the 10th running of the We Love Homewood Day 5K.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, we are so excited for Jennifer, our custom artist. She will be welcoming a little one in July, and we can’t wait to meet her sweet baby. Jennifer has made so many items special for our customers for the last eight years, and I am so excited for her to paint for her own baby.

One of the constants at the shop is that employees move on and new ones arrive. You’ll see some new faces around, as LA and Liam graduate and move on to other adventures. We wish them the best and look forward to them coming back to visit. Our new staff members are so fun and wonderful, too, so we can’t wait for you to meet them!

It’s the end of April, but like school kids everywhere, we’re thinking of summer. As I’m writing this, there is only one spot available in our first week of camp, but there are plenty of spaces the rest of the summer. I’m most proud of how many kids are returning from last summer. We think we have another amazing camp arranged – hard to believe it’s already time to get it all ready!

We will update our clay handbuilding class schedule for the summer, and add a few more goodies where we can. If you aren’t already receiving our email newsletter, that’s where our announcements will be made, along with here on the website.