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June news

So now it’s June? How did THAT happen so fast?

I’m not really sure how time works any longer. One month takes forever. The next month takes FOREEEEEEVVVVEEEEERRRRRR and then the next few months fly by? I was sure that I had written something since the beginning of May, but apparently I had not.

School is “out” (HAHAHAHAHAHA) and summer is here and Do It Yourself Crafts is back open. We are socially distancing with the tables spaced out and we are wearing masks and washing our hands and sanitizing everything in the store. It is certainly NOT what we would be expecting to do right now, but we are making the best of things, just like everyone else.

We have some great projects for Father’s Day, and lots of awesome classes you can take on the calendar. You can check our shop to find things for pottery-to-go, and we will have them ready as soon as possible.

My personal favorite Father’s Day project is the “Tell Dad He’s Sweet” project – 4 ice cream bowls, plus a quart of delicious ice cream from Edgewood or Mountain Brook Creamery. Paint them between now and June 15, and they will be ready to pick up (ice cream, included) from June 18-20. Now I want some ice cream… black cherry for me, thanks!

The cart is out front every day, and you can drop off your finished project there, plus call us and we will put your pottery that is ready to pick up there – no contact and easy!

“Normal.” That’s what this now is, and we know we won’t be “going back” to anything else, just going forward. As long as the guidelines from Health Department officials tell us to do certain things to protect ourselves, we will continue to do that at Do It Yourself Crafts. I hope things get easier, because this is EXHAUSTING and we all feel it. But we’re adjusting to this, and want to balance being able to be open with keeping our staff and our customers healthy.

We are also aware that not everyone feels comfortable with painting in a mask, and we respect that but it is also why we continue to offer pottery-to-go. I anticipate that we will be offering pottery-to-go as a staple of our business from here on out.