Not just for kiddos…

We do a lot of parties – and I think we are pretty good at them, if I do say so myself. I love that the kids have a great time, and I love even more that parents tell me that it’s the best party they have – easy and fun being the most often way they are described.

But, we also do a great job with parties for adults, and as we head toward the last of the year, having a party for “grown ups” is a great option.

Wine glass painting is always fun!

If your office is looking for a great team-building event, holiday party, or just an outing to enjoy each other’s company without pressure from work, something at DIYC is great to consider. We can work with groups from 4-40 people on site, we can travel to you or pack up a project to go. The goal is to make it as easy for you as possible!

Team building events are always popular, and we can help facilitate a true team building event, or just help everyone enjoy themselves while they work on an individual project. Some offices pre-select an item or items for people to pick from, and some offices give everyone a budget to start with.

This project goes home with you the day you make it!

It’s not just work groups – Church small-groups and Sunday School groups also enjoy events at DIYC. We’ve done fun nights with Supper Clubs and neighborhood groups looking for something different to try.

We have a great variety of what we can offer, as well. While we are best known for being a paint-your-own pottery shop, that’s not all we can do with groups. We can offer step-by-step instruction for canvas painting (also available for pottery painting), or wine glass painting. Board art can be a great activity as well. We have some new shaped boards that are perfect for a group activity. If you have football fans, we have a state of Alabama cut-out shape that can be whatever team colors you want! Even a house divided!

Speaking of football, one of our most popular plates is a “Tailgate” plate, that we teach step-by-step for the whole group, but custom for each person’s favorite team. We also have a number of step-by-step pottery projects we can do geared toward the Christmas season – perfect for an office Christmas party.

New to the store this year is our stoneware pottery, and I think this might be my new favorite thing for an office team building event, because this is a line of pottery that is designed to be able to handle the rigors of real life. What better way to have fun together and then have a fully-functional coffee mug to take to the office? And if everyone has a coffee mug they painted, then they don’t need disposable mugs at work.

Stoneware pottery painting has gorgeous results!

Always a favorite is a glass fusing class. You can book a private version of our very popular introductory class, and even if you have reluctant “crafters” in the group, glass fusing is a hit.

If you are ready to book a group, we are ready to help you! You can go to our Party Page and scroll down to learn more about what we can offer. Unlike our children’s parties, adult events aren’t cookie-cutter affairs. We’ll probably need to chat about what your group’s particular needs are, and when the best time for your event might be. We can work with most budgets, and can also allow food to be brought in. If you have a general idea of what you want to do, how many people, and a few dates in mind, you can email us and we can start the process. You are also welcome to call us at 205-868-4346 to chat.