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Planning what’s next

So, what’s next?

Like all of you, we are trying to figure out what happens next in this world we are living in. It’s been hard, and I’ve gone on a roller coaster of emotions since we began. Not even a month ago would have I imagined we would be where we are right now, but we are. And now we figure out where we are going next.

“Going next” is the key. I don’t have any intention of going away. Do It Yourself Crafts has been a part of Birmingham since 1999 and I am so proud of how we have changed and adapted over the years. I have no intention of stopping now. (ESPECIALLY right now. May 1 is the 21st anniversary of when I signed my lease to start the store, and the store opened June 12, 1999. I will do my level best to make sure we are still here to drink a toast to the store that is 21!)

One of my friends said to me that the C in DIYC also means Community – that we are a part of this community, and that means the world to me. I love being a part of your celebrations and your every day fun.

“Going Next” means that we are going to make some changes. And I’m sure we will continue to make changes (as we all will). Some things that will look different –

The calendar is filled with Zoom classes and meet-ups. Right now, we’re starting with a few classes and also some check-in times. As y’all tell me what we need to do, I will add to the list. The community I’m a part of is so important to me, and having a time we can talk to each other is huge.

9 a.m. coffee  – a time to check in. If you have kids doing online work and you’ve gotten them settled and can join us, we’d love that. If you are currently unable to work for whatever reason (and there are so many) this might be a nice point in your day where you have some structure, if you need it. I’ll have the link on each calendar page, and share it on the store’s Facebook page.

Lunch break and create -I was talking to a friend who is working from home, she told me how much she misses lunch with friends. Because she no longer has a commute, she is starting her work day earlier and finishing later. We are going to take a break in the middle of the day and talk to grown-ups! 12:15-1 on Tuesdays to start with. Get up from your workstation at noon, grab your lunch and maybe walk around for a bit, then settle in with whatever project you are working on. I’ll be on at noon, so join as early as that, and at one, we’ll all go back to work.

You can join one of these, or you can schedule one for your group of friends. We have an account that allows longer meetings, so you and a group of friends can schedule a time to “get together” and paint. With our Zoom account I can get you started at any time and then pass you off to host.

Classes – I’m really excited about this. I’ve had a chance to take a class on Zoom and I’ve done a practice run to make sure it works, and I think it does! Look on the calendar to see what we have scheduled.

I know there is more change to come. I have this crazy board of ideas that I’m working from – and more changes will be coming. Is there something you want to see? Let me know. We are all in this together, and I’m glad I’m in it with y’all.