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Pumpkin season is here!

It feels like a million degrees with a billion percent humidity, so why am I thinking about Halloween?
Well, because it’s pumpkin season! At least, it’s POTTERY pumpkin season!
For 16 years, we’ve had custom pumpkins.  I can remember this because I was pregnant the first year I carved them and set the pumpkin on top of my belly. I would drive to my friend Pam’s house and she would pour the molds and I would carve them.
Two years ago, Pam retired and we brought them “in house” so that we can still make them.
This year, I needed to get all new molds. After ordering them earlier in the spring, they FINALLY arrived last week and now I am ready to pour! I have a few orders placed before the molds arrived, but….here we go!
If you head back to the restroom, you’ll see where we pour the molds. Sometimes you’ll see me working on them, sometimes it’s just the molds waiting. Once they come our of the molds, I use a sharp scalpel to carve the soft clay. Once it hardens, then I am able to clean them up and fire them – and you can come paint.
How do you want to paint? Well, Orange is always a good choice but not the only one. I love seeing how creative people are, and they don’t hold back when pumpkins are involved.
I’m carving Jack o lanterns and adding names to the grin. I’ll have a few with teeth and designs – sometimes you just have to see what we’ve come up with!
Once I’m caught up, it will be about 2 weeks to have your pumpkin ready to paint. Obviously the closer to Halloween, the more orders we will have, so if you’ve always wanted a pumpkin, head over to the shop and order yours today.