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Pumpkins and Supply Chain


One of these subjects is fun! The other….less so. But sometimes when we have situations, we also have solutions.


The supply chain is going to continue to affect the pottery industry, as one of the main components of clay, talc, is no longer available in North America. This means that clay bodies have changed, and sometimes we can’t get what we want and need. And, sadly, it means that what we can get has gone up in price. 


This past weekend, however, I was able to find both white slip (the liquid clay we use to make pumpkins and other slip-cast items in house) and white clay (which we use for handprints, especially for our favorite Santas and Snowmen) in Nashville. I brought back a few hundred pounds of each, and the relief of finding it… well, I could feel the tension in my shoulders release as I drove away. 


This means that we can start making the custom pumpkins! Because of time and the amount of materials I was able to get, we’ll only be able to sell 40 pumpkins this season. We will start pouring them so I can carve them ASAP, and we’ll look like the best pumpkin patch before we know it!


The price is still $69 each, and will include carving up to 10 letters in the grin. You can order yours here


Names are great, but so are words like SPOOKY, BOO, TRICK or TREAT. If you’ve got long names, initials will work, and I’m happy to help you find just the right way to make yours. And once they are ready for you to paint, we’re happy to help you if you want something other than a traditional orange pumpkin (but we love those, too!). This will be the 17th year we’ve made the custom pumpkins – hard to believe!