Pumpkins and Turkeys and Trees, Oh My!

A glimpse into the kiln room this morning. Two to finish unloading, three to load back up. And those trees will all be green once they are fired!

It’s that time of the year, when the weather and I don’t know what time of the year it is.

It’s chilly in the morning, but that jacket my son wore to school? It may or may not make it home when it’s sweaty hot outside at the end of the day.

Is it Halloween? The pumpkins we’re still carving and painting say so. But then the turkey handprints say Thanksgiving and the Christmas trees…. well, HO HO HO to you, too!

October. It’s crazy!

Still waiting for painting…

I wouldn’t do a thing differently, though. Halloween is such a great holiday – something for everyone! It can be spooky! silly! scary! And we are still making those pumpkins for you to paint for this year (hurry, though – I’m running out of kiln space!)

Thanksgiving is my favorite – a day to stop the crazy part of my year and spend time with my family eating pie and dressing. I know other people like turkey but you can keep my portion. Just don’t try to take my momma’s dressing and gravy away from me. And don’t ask me my favorite pie. I like them all.

Turkeys made yesterday

And then there is Christmas. I love seeing what everyone makes for Christmas – and I’ll have a few more posts about this before the season ends, but I love it so much. Christmas trees that will be treasured for generations. Baby’s first Christmas handprints on a plate or ornament? Love. The handprints turned into Santa and the footprints turned into snowmen? The best!

Works in progress – Santas and Snowmen on their way to being finished this morning

I’ve been painting some Santas and snowment this morning and it makes me so happy. I love to think about someone hanging one on the tree in 10 years and not being able to believe how tiny a hand once was. I know this happens, because I have a giant 13-year-old in my house, and those memories are the ones I remember from year to year – even more than the memories of him leaving his jacket at school.

So, Happy Holiday! All of them, all in the month of October!