We are offering pottery-to-go! This no-contact method gives you a chance to continue to be creative and support Do It Yourself Crafts. As a small business, this means the world to me!

Place your order, and by the next business day we will have your items boxed up and ready to pick up. We will text you to let you know when things are ready, and they will be on a cart in front of the shop. You will return all unused supplies and the pottery to the same cart. Please, be mindful of other people and wait your turn when dropping off or picking up!

If you are in the Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Forest Park or Highland Park area, we offer delivery of your purchase. Find it under the “Other” tab. If you order delivery, and have other pottery to be picked up, we can bring that to you, also! There is a $6 fee per order location per visit.

Thank you again for supporting Do It Yourself Crafts as we learn how to navigate in this new world we live in. We have loved being a part of the community for almost 21 years and I have no plans to stop any time soon!