So, what’s next (version 5.02)

How many times have we re-thought about what we are doing? It. Has. Been. A. Lot.

Some of the changes have been BIG and some haven’t been. Some have been temporary and some I know will be permanent. I also know that we aren’t done making changes. That’s okay, the entire time this store has been open, we’ve been making changes. In fact, when I opened, I knew I would be changing the how and the what and sometimes even the why of how we do things.

We went to a “soft close” back on March 16, and then a full-close with no-contact online sales only. Now we’re going to come out of it the same way we went into it – thinking about the safety of our customers and our staff, and how to make sure we can continue to be a place for your creativity to shine.

This week, on-line sales will be the only thing offered. I know that we are going to continue to offer on-line sales for the summer and as long as it is a needed service. This can be found in the shop and if you want to have extra time to create, need to take it out of town, or just feel more comfortable in your home, this is still a great resource for you. We are adding things that won’t need to be returned to be glazed and fired. There are still some hiccups to be worked out, but we’re doing our best to make sure what we have in stock matches what is on the website, and to make it easy for you.

For on-line sales you will select your pottery, and pick up from the cart out front, returning it (and all of your supplies – paint and brushes) when you are finished. We will then text you to let you know things are ready. That won’t be changing. In fact, we REALLY like the call-ahead for your pick-up of finished pottery, and will also continue to offer that, putting the items on the cart for you to pick-up. Easier for all of us!

Starting Friday May 8, we will begin our “soft opening” with two hour time blocks available for your group to reserve. We will open for your small group to come in while we fine-tune our distancing practices. We will have more details on this as we get closer.

I anticipate that we will open to reservations to a limited number of customers beginning Friday May 15. We will also have limited walk-in painting, if we are able to accommodate with open tables.

This could, of course, all change depending on everything happening in the world. We will post guidelines for how we plan to open back up for everyone. In the meanwhile, we hope you will continue to support our small business! We can’t be here without you!