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Summer Camp at DIYC 2021

We are so excited to be offering camps this summer – this year we’re doing things a little bit differently, and we think it’s going to be pretty amazing. Camps are offered each week from June 7 until August 9, and are from 9 am to 1 pm Monday-Friday. You sign up for each week you want to attend, and you can sign up for more than one week.

In the past, we’ve always had “theme weeks” and that’s been a whole lot of fun. But it also meant that if you really love cats and your family has plans already for the week of the “Cats and Dogs” camp, you missed out. So, this year we are NOT having themes, but instead are letting the kids make their own decisions about how they are doing the projects. We have a few specific things we are doing – but HOW is going to be up to them.

To give you an idea of SOME of the things we’re going to do – Mondays and Fridays are going to be our clay days. On Mondays, the kids will start to get to know each other and us, and then they will dive into clay. Everyone will get a chance at the wheel, plus they will learn how to hand-build an item with clay. They will also make a tray, using texture and forms to create. We are making these on Monday so they will be ready to paint and glaze on Friday.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be filled with all sorts of projects. We’re going to have all the kids keep an “art journal” where they plan the projects they want to make. Those three days will include some fun with acrylic paint projects, painting pottery that is already formed (picking from a selection of items), making a sign they can use in their room, and glass fusing. We’re going to tie-dye shirts but we’re going to ICE dye – this is the coolest way to let time and gravity create something so cool. We can’t tell you everything, because there needs to be SOME surprises left. And probably there will be a dance party on Friday, because everyone loves a dance party!

So what are the ages for camp? This year we had originally said going into second grade through going into sixth grades. We’re sticking with that but with a twist. If you have a kiddo going into first grade and he or she really wants to come to camp, we can let that happen IF they come with a buddy. It can be an older brother or sister, or a friend who is the same age, just as long as they have someone they can pair up with if they need to. If you have a kiddo who is older than going into sixth grade – we would LOVE for them to join us, and we’re not going to worry about that upper limit. We’ve had so many people ask us about doing something for an older kid that I realized I had missed the mark on setting it so low.

The price for camp is $225 per person, and that includes all the projects for the week. Kids will bring snack and lunch (apparently, they are STARVING when at camp) and a water bottle. To sign up, you’ll go to the event calendar and pick the week you want, and add your camper. If you have any questions, you can email us through the website down below, or call the store at 205-868-4346.