Parties in a time of Covid

With the restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and after talking to doctors, health officials, customers and others, we have decided to change how we are offering parties at Do It Yourself Crafts. Please know that this was a very difficult decision, but is what we plan to do for the duration of 2020.

As soon as it is possible to change back to our old way of doing things, we will! In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding.

While we are discontinuing having parties during our regular opening time, we are still making parties possible. In addition to the "Party In A Box" selection you can now order here, we are offering the entire store so that you can celebrate! There are several different options and details about those can be found here. All of our packages are for a minimum of 10 painters, and the maximum number of people in the store cannot exceed 25. To reserve your spot, you'll pay a deposit and the night of you will pay the balance due. We know that tax is added to the deposit, and we will deduct the entire amount from your balance.

Please understand that everyone must wear a mask the entire time they are at Do It Yourself Crafts, except for the designated time to have refreshments, and that everyone must remain seated while having refreshments.

Parties To-Go

Want to take your party home? We can make that easy for you. Click here to go to our web store where you will find boxes ready to go for you to pick from. While we do our best to keep the items in stock, order two weeks ahead to ensure availability.

Parties at DIYC

For parties at Do It Yourself Crafts, we are limiting them to after-hours, beginning at 6:30 and ending at 8:00. You may arrive no earlier than 6:15 p.m, as we will be sanitizing the store after we close at 6.

To book, please go to the event calendar and select your date and if the party time is available you will be able to reserve your spot. If you have any questions, you can call us at the shop at 205-868-4346 during our regular hours. You can also email us.

Parties are for a minimum of 10 painters, with a maximum of 25 people in the store.
The price is $199 for up to 10 painters, and $18 per painter over 10. All items must be completed at the time of the party.

Currently, the pottery options are for salad plates, ice cream bowls or choice of critters and collectibles. Pottery items will need to be glazed and fired in the kiln, and will be ready in a week to be picked up by the host for distribution to guests.

You can also pick tie-dye or canvas painting, which will go home with guests the evening of the party. There are several options for canvas, and we will contact you to discuss the options.