Traditions Thursday: the annual Christmas Ornament

In 2004, we decided to start a tradition at DIYC, and we’re still doing it all these years later – the annual ornament.

Each year, we decide on a design, and that’s the custom ornament for the year. You give us a handprint, and we do the rest. 

Each year, there is a different theme, and we do several of them. They are favorites.

When my son was 4 days old, I was getting his handprints for that year’s ornament. I managed to get his for 10 years before he said “enough, mom!” (But don’t worry, I have another tradition we do now – I’ll be posting about it soon.)

This year, Jennifer wanted to do something different, and she painted the red mittens. They are so cute – even if we’re more likely to need our air conditioners than mittens on Christmas in Alabama.

As always, the background is painted in a pale blue, and we’ll add your child’s name and age and the year. It’s important because we THINK we’ll remember all of these things, but then time passes and we don’t. And math to figure out how old your child is for a year in the past is just mean.

It takes a little extra time to get these done – plan on two weeks – so we start early. Come see u s and we’ll get that handprint ready to remember forever.