Vintage Christmas Tree Events


vintage Christmas trees
Tall tree on right is 18″ tree

We love Christmas at Do It Yourself Crafts! The season starts very early here – in fact, it’s already Christmas for us! We are doing Santa Handprint ornaments and Cookies For Santa plates and if I could turn the air conditioner down low enough, you’d really feel like it was time for Santa to make a visit.

One of the most iconic symbols of Christmas in the pottery world are the Vintage Christmas trees. These light-up classics remind people of visiting their grandparents and getting to put the colored lights in the holes was a special treat for many. If your mom, grandmother, aunt, or favorite neighbor went to “ceramics” each week, inevitably they would make a tree. There were so many different molds available, and people painted them in so many different creative ways.

The most popular ones were 13-18” tall and painted in traditional green. What made this special was how the glaze flowed into the texture of the tree. As an industry, we no longer use those leaded glazes (this is a good thing, and Do It Yourself Crafts has never had them) but our glaze manufacturers have developed lines of glaze that give the look of the old-fashioned glazes in a non-toxic formula (a VERY good thing!). This means that YOU can create your own Vintage Style tree and enjoy it for years to come!

We get frequent calls asking for the vintage trees, and we do keep a limited supply in stock all year long. We also have scheduled several events from September through December just for painting the trees. These dates are

We’ve got room for 24 painters at each event, perfect for you and your friends and family.

Making the vintage tree is about the memories you make as much as the tree itself. One of our favorite things is when a family comes in together – everyone creates the tree that they will keep for year to come, and they enjoy the fun they have together in the evening.

So that we can ensure we have enough trees in stock, please order at least 72 hours before the event. You can find all of our events on the calendar, or you can click on the individual dates above to make reservations for a specific night.

If you have any questions about our tree nights, please call the studio at 205-868-4346 or email us at