Whatcha doing Wednesday: Christmas Village! 

Where am I? Christmas Village!

We’ve never done Christmas village before and – frankly – I may be kind of scared. There are a lot of people who come to this. I get overwhelmed by it all. 

We are here to make clay impressions – plaques and our favorite Santas and Snowmen. 

(We are still open in Homewood, but everything to do clay is with me. Regular hours of Monday-Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-5!) 

The day starts of calmly, because we are downstairs and it takes a minute for the crowd to work their way to us. You hear them before you see them – the chattering and laughter get louder and louder – and then, the aisle in front of you is full! A steady stream of people for a few hours. 

I suspect my booth with calm down before a lot of others, because you can’t get the handprints in clay without the hands. After a while, families with small children will make their way to the cars, and I’ll be in the booth, hanging out. 

We are downstairs on Jingle Bell Square in booth 1017. Come see us!